Workshops & Retreats


March 5-6, 2022


This workshop will offer an experiential introduction to the ancient practice of shamanism common to most indigenous cultures around the world. It is designed for students with little to no first-hand experience of shamanic practices. Emphasis will include exploring the student’s relationship with nature and practicing communication with selected nature beings.

The weekend will include multiple exercises in which participants will learn how to journey to seek guidance and assistance from their personal team of Compassionate Helping Spirits. The workshop includes instruction in safe, responsible and ethical journey practice under the supervision of two seasoned shamanic practitioners.

Mindy and Jill expect students to leave this class with an enhanced appreciation for their connection to the natural world and the skills and confidence to engage in shamanic journeying on their own.


Jill Gormley

Mindy Weschler

Jill Gormley is a shamanic practitioner and teacher based in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. She has been studying shamanism since 2013. Jill offers classes in-person and remotely though her website,

Mindy Weschler is a nurse, shamanic practitioner, intuitive coach, and teacher from Vermont, now living in Vero Beach FL. She has been a teacher her whole adult life, actively engaged in shamanic practice since 2018. She practices both remote and in person sessions through her website