“Mindy approaches her shamanic work with integrity, a refreshing forthrightness, and an absence of ego. Her deep compassion for our often painful lived experiences informs all her work. She is a wise communicator, an empathetic listener, and a clear channel for Spirit. Her straightforward guidance has been extraordinarily helpful to me, and I believe it would be helpful to anyone seeking spiritual support and insight. I highly recommend Mindy for shamanic work of all kinds.”

Jill, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada

“In a journey on my behalf, Mindy gifted me with a Spirit Helper who would “lighten me when I’m down.” She gave me a way to access this Spirit Helper: “Hold your hands across your heart.” Finally she tasked me with journeying on my own to claim a relationship with this Guide. Mindy’s Gift is an uplifting combination of practical counseling and divination. She has touched both my mind and my spirit, and her work has been of lasting help to me.”

Peter, Portland, ME

“My experience with Mindy and soul retrieval was profound. She was able to access a part of myself that was struggling to come to the surface. After our phone session, I felt a great peace, as though my whole being was restored and made whole. Mindy’s insights brought light and clarity to my life. Even months later, the soul retrieval is giving me support and wisdom as I journey on to new chapters. The messages she received during our session are still resonating with me and giving me a calm strength every day. I have known Mindy for over 20 years. She is a natural and true healer. I can trust her completely and know that she will always speak the truth.”

Robin, La Canada, CA

“Mindy is an ethical, thoughtful and well-prepared shamanic practitioner. She recently performed a shamanic extraction ceremony for me. I experienced an unexpected and significant improvement in my vision. The removal of energy that no longer served me also cleared the way for me to make an important career decision. I recommend her without reservation.”

Caroline, Auburn, ME