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Shamanic Art

Prayer Flags:
Mindy has created some special ways to express her love for nature and its beings. Having served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa, she collected many yards of their beautiful and colorful fabric that she has sewn into prayer flags. These flags may be hung indoors or outdoors (may fade if outdoors). Speak silently or aloud your prayers and blow them into the flags that will carry them on the breezes to those beings in the universe that receive them and act on them.

Made with grapevine as the structure, Mindy layers intricate, colorful, and soothing textures of yarn and fabric to create beautiful wall hangings expressive of a particular relationship with nature. Feathers, beads and nature elements enhance the piece customized to fulfill your desire to honor special relationships with earth/human/animal elements.

Horse Shoe Art:
Mindy creates custom wall hangings to honor and celebrate the unique relationship you have with your equine companion. This is a special way to honor the spirit of your relationship if your horse has passed into the spirit world, or, if you want a way to honor your special partnership ongoing. Using the horse shoe (grapevine is used for bare footers) Mindy creates an intricate texture of yarns, feathers, beads and can include a piece of mane or tail if available.

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Are you interested in commissioning a custom piece of shamanic art? I’d love to create something special for you! Contact me today and let’s talk about your vision.

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