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As a shamanic practitioner I journey prior to our working session to ask what form of healing or guidance is for your highest good at this time. The following represents some of the most common practices I employ with the help of Spirit to heal and provide you with guidance during our session together. It is always spirit that guides what form your healing will manifest.

Types of Sessions

Power Animal Retrieval:

All of us have Spirit Guides/Helpers who have lived on the earth plane at some time. A Power Animal Retrieval brings home to you your Power Animal that will be a guiding force and source of help and inspiration if you develop that relationship.


We all have deep questions from time to time when we are faced with important choices and/or life transitions. With the help of my Spirit Guides I am able to answer questions that you pose that will assist and inform you from Spirits perspective regarding your concerns and challenges.


This is a healing modality in which Spirit Guides assist in removing accumulated blockages in your energy body that may be preventing you from leading your most vital and healthy life on both the physical and mental/emotional planes.

Soul Retrieval:

Throughout our lives we face issues and challenges that deeply affect our health, relationships, life transitions and emotional well-being. When trauma, illness, emotional crises occur of us can become disconnected from our soul and prevent optimal living and well-being. With the assistance of special Helping Spirits, I work to retrieve those elements of your soul that are ready to return to make you as whole as possible at this time.


A shamanic practitioner is able to journey to non-ordinary reality to access a form of divine light that can be broadcast to an individual or group for healing. This light is transmitted by the practitioner to raise the energy vibration of the client, augmenting their own divine light, with the goal of healing the emotional or physical problem facing the client.

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