“When it’s over, I want to say all my life I was a bride married to amazement.”

Mary Oliver

Educated as a nurse, Mindy has practiced in traditional hospital settings as both an ICU and ER nurse. Experiencing and witnessing death with patients, the suffering of chronic disease and intractable pain, addiction and mental health crises have all enriched her experience of life and strengthened her role as healer.

A voracious learner and intensely curious, her passion abides in nature. Mindy has spent her adult life studying and practicing alternative/holistic modalities alongside her role as hospital nurse; homeopathy, herbalism, energy healing, intuitive communication, yoga, animal communication, and meditation.

Mindy has completed both the Apprenticeship Training Program and the Soul Retrieval Course with nationally acclaimed shamanic practitioner Dory Cote, and is currently enrolled in Dory’s 2 year Hollow Bone Advanced Training Program.

As a shamanic practitioner and intuitive coach, Mindy offers healing sessions, intuitive coaching, retreats and workshops to clients seeking more authentic connection to their truth, divine wisdom, and peace. She assists clients in moving forward in making choices that serve their highest good in order to live an authentic life, connecting with their own divine wisdom and guidance.

Mindy LOVES world-wide travel. She spent 2 years teaching nursing students in Kenya, Malawi, and Eswatini. She loves rowing, running, yoga, plants of ALL kinds, cooking, and the animal kingdom!