In Praise of coaching

Nine months ago I enrolled in a 12 month program to become a Certified Intuitive Coach.  This came serendipitously to me on yes, of all places Facebook, at a time when I was wholeheartedly engaged up to my eyeballs in a 2 year Hollow Bone advanced training program in Shamanism.  

Why the heck would I want to add to my already full plate in my so-called twilight years?  Because I am voraciously curious, Heather (CEO of the coaching company) is intoxicating, and I believe it will complement the shamanic work perfectly!

Barbara Alexander, mentor and life coach for me over many years

Now nearing completion of both programs I am reflecting on my own history in life and having a coach. 

Athletes have coaches to view their performance with a fresh and (usually) objective eye.  Singers, actors, business executives have coaches; it’s about improving confidence and performance. Coaches provide encouragement, vitality, wisdom of experience, and support when the athlete/client inevitably wants to drop from exhaustion, discouragement or burnout.

As a lifelong athlete in primarily individual sports such as swimming, diving, equestrian, and rowing, I always had a coach.  Although I believed in myself there were moments of self doubt and drama that the coach mitigated with compassion and cheer, well generally!  I counted on my coach to be supportive, encouraging and engaged with my training and to give me feedback on things that were going well and those that were not, so I could improve, so I knew where I stood.

Gus Constant, my first rowing coach, Philadelphia

Sometimes taking that feedback was hard but without it I had no roadmap for success.  As I approach the end of this cycle of education in shamanism and intuitive coaching I am preparing myself for the next phase of my career, to be a coach; to stand beside, to encourage, support, lead and empower a human being to dig deep and be their best self.

Beka Smith, my eventing coach, competing at Millbrook HT, photo by Jenni Autry

With that comes onerous responsibility but also the greatest of joy.  To lead and empower someone to find themselves if they are lost; to encourage someone to step beyond the obstacles that are blocking their joy and success; to nuture, revive and invigorate the vitality in someone who has struggled is an honor and a privilege.

Julio Sanchez, my primary rowing coach, Vero Beach Rowing Club

My dad was probably, no most assuredly, the most important coach in my life.  Though he started me swimming competitively at age 5, his coaching focused on other areas outside of sports.  He was tough on me but also loving and I knew I could always turn to him for support.  He believed in me unconditionally whether he was teaching me how to use an electric drill, or doing a reverse gainer in diving.  

Dad 2007

Having had this coaching, I have a feel for what it is to be coached, and how to be an effective and compassionate one.  How can you be a great coach if you never raced and trained in the sport/milieu you are coaching?

Intuitive Coaching gives the coach the opportunity to invoke the skill of sensing information outside the realm of our 5 senses; the information available to us without conscious reasoning or evidence/proof of it’s existence.  Why is this important?  Because it yields more information and can accelerate the coaching process and generate deeper, richer and more profound results in a shorter period of time.

Sharona Moorer, my mentor and Intuitive Coach with Atmana Academy

I often hear people ask, Why coaching?  I can do it on my own Really?  Then why haven’t you?  Coaching can rocket a person into alignment with their highest and best self, their soul purpose, their truest form with best effort and intention, and a good coach. 

Can you imagine what we could do for each other and the planet if we were all our best selves?

  • Is there some important life decision you are considering but feel afraid and unable to act?
  • Are you seeking more joy and fulfillment in your life, in your relationships?
  • Do you feel powerless to ask for what you want without feeling guilty?  

Learn how to take action to empower yourself to have what you want.  When we feel stuck and disempowered we lose the vitality and joy in life.   So, if you have been wondering, seeking, imagining your best self and the life you envision, try coaching with an intuitive. 

I invite you to explore the possibilities with me!  Check out Intuitive Coaching on my website and book a free exploratory call. 

Wishing you all the best in this winter season of stillness and reflection

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