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Way to Start a Weekend

Dug out canoe on the lake
Dug out canoe on the lake

This has been an intense week, beginning with the birth of my little namesake!  Tuesday I began the worst case of laryngitis and URI, bad enough that I stayed home from work Wednesday, unable to vocalize at all: so much for teaching! Though better today, I am still struggling with a bad cough but have more energy and overall it was a very good week with students.  Yet when I stop and watch a local woman grind her rice so the husks fall off so they can eat it, I am slapped back into reality.

Local woman grinding rice

Last weekend I escaped to Nkhata Bay for R&R by myself, well almost. I rented an incredible chalet on Lake Malawi in a cozy hostel type resort built right into the hillside, $25/night.

My chalet at the lake, yes the whole thing

Frequented by travelers from all over the world, all age groups, I met people from LA to Malaysia, Netherlands to Poland. This made for very interesting conversations about their travels and adventures, complete with buffet BBQ for $7.

My en suite bathroom!

Unfortunately, the power quit around 9 pm and didn t return until around 7 the next evening. Close to 90 during the day, it was stifling with no power/water for showering or fans but luckily the lake provided relief and cleansing. Water didn t return until midnight the next day. I took advantage of the time alone and did yoga, got a one hour massage ($8), swam, ate, slept and read.

Yoga on the deck

After a week of sickness, stressing about lectures and clinical supervision offsite next week, some other emotional turmoil,  sadness and grossness at the hospital, this weekend begins with momentous events!  I m struck by what excites me these days .

Colorful lizards at the lake

First, I have the house to myself for the weekend. Nenita and I are together almost 24/7 so for both of us, time away is necessary and healthy. She has gone to the same chalet in the same hostel that I retreated to last week, equipped with her yoga mat and lots of extra water!

View from dining area

Next, I received the most amazing package from my beautiful friend Catherine Taylor. OOOOOHHHHH! So many goodies and surprises arriving after three weeks, straight from Eugene Oregon, 9805 miles! Have you looked at that on the map? What a treat to start the weekend, and I am not sharing.

Care package from Catherine

Finally, the best gift of all; a new toilet seat!  Yes, folks, only 4 weeks after our original request, it arrived this afternoon after probably 5 or 6 visits to the maintenance office, 4 different gents. We contemplated taking it off and carrying it into the office to demonstrate just how painful it has become, but restrained ourselves.

OLD seat, note the cracks….
Blessings installing our toilet seat!

I can now begin my weekend luxuriating in solitude, some music, tending my garden, a run if I feel up to it, and perhaps a bike ride if we have the right pumps and tires to prevent the mishap of last weekend.

Sara changing the tire

Feeling grateful today, for the little things, toilet seats and solitude, and for the huge blessings; friendships, a healthy body (almost), namesakes, food, safety, opportunity, and so much more .

Little Mindy!
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